Our History

At Beacon Church, we’re looking to the future and how we can serve our local community better. However, we know that to do this we need to know our local community and understand where we have come from. Here are a few photos that tell of the history of the church and its place in the Pheasey and Park Farm community over the last (very nearly) 60 years!

The Hut and the planning and building of St Chad’s Church (later Beacon Church) between 1950 – 1963

St Chad’s church

Consecrated as a church on 24 October 1964

Inside St Chad’s church before the redecoration and renaming as Beacon Church.

The bottom right is the inside of the church hut before St Chad’s church was built

The St Chad’s choir around 1950

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at these photos. There are more on display inside the Beacon Church building. If the doors are open please feel free to come in and have a look!