Our Mission and Vision

Over the last year Beacon Church has been undergoing a revitalisation church plant. A lot has changed already but we also have a lot more to do. As part of this we have developed a mission statement (why are we here?), a vision statement (what we want to look like in the future) and a 3 year strategy (how we’re going to get there). We hope that these will give us direction and help us work together to be part of the mission that we have discerned God to be working out in our local community.

Mission Statement (why we are here) –

To share the Gospel with future generations of Pheasey and Park Farm

Vision Statement (what we want to look like in the future) – 

Christ’s light in the community of Pheasey and Park Farm

Living life as loved children of God

Investing in young people

Growing new disciples and leaders for Jesus

Helping plant new churches across Walsall and North Birmingham

Transforming Pheasey and Park Farm through Fresh Expressions of church